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De Doornkraal Aan’t Vette Wine Tasting

Old World Charm Finds Modern Expression. Enjoy country hospitality and a sense of wellbeing whilst tasting their award-winning wines.

Tasting Menu

Blanc de Noir [Syrah] Selection

(The difference between Blanc de Noir and Rosé – Blanc de Noir, which literally means “white from black”, is made by applying white winemaking methods to red grape varieties. By only allowing minimum contact between the skin and the juice one gets a very delicate pale salmon colour)

  • Divine Blush 2013
  • Divine Blush 2017

Syrah (Shiraz) Selection

  • Divine Rouge 2013
  • Divine Rouge 2015 [Syrah]

Syrah (Shiraz) Superior Selection

  • Louis Meurant 2012
  • Louis Meurant 2013
  • Louis Meurant 2015

The above are all served with a small side of Marinated Olives.

Consider a Light Snack (for own account)

Divine Blush – Blanc de Noir

Mushroom Pâté – Serves One 35 Bacon & Blue Cheese Pâté – Serves One R45
Both Pâtés are served with French Baguette, Butter, Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar

Divine Rouge

Slow Cooked Marinated & Barbecued Pork Belly Ribs (150g) R47
Cheese Platter with Figs & Preserves – Serves One R45

Louis Meurant

Italian Cold Meat & Cheese Platter with Marinated Olives – Serves One R65
Springbok Carpaccio with Rocket, Parmesan & Mango Amarula Dressing R75

About De Doornkraal

After establishing the Wine Estate in 2008, De Doornkraal’s Aan’t Vette continued to produce its first wine in 2011. Since then the Aan’t Vette wines have won over numerous wine experts and wine lovers. The vineyard consists of a single block Syrah (Shiraz) cultivar that has consistently produced award-winning wines. Our Wine Estate’s vineyard stretches to the Vette River, bordering the town.

A biodiversity strategy is strictly followed, by utilising environmentally friendly farming practices that enhance the suitability of the vineyard as a habitat for biodiversity. Viticulture practices that have negative impacts on biodiversity are completely avoided. No pesticides or herbicides are allowed in the proximity of the Wine Estate. Spraying of the vineyard is done manually and only organic substances are used.

The 150-year-old barn, with its almost one-metre-thick clay walls and 7-metre-high roof, was transformed into a modern winery. The old barn, now air-conditioned, also serves as a cellar where the oak barrels for the ageing of the red wine are stored. In contrast to the old barn, the wine-producing technology is state of the art. The fermentation and storage tanks are manufactured from high-quality austenitic stainless steel and equipped with dimple cooling jackets to control the wine-making process optimally. All visible external tank surfaces are circle polished.

During the 1800’s the current owner’s great-grandfather and grandfather farmed in the Langstraat (Lower Long Street on Google) area of Riversdale. Their wine farm was called “De Wingerdt”, which is Dutch for “The Vineyard”. The De Wingerdt Restaurant at De Doornkraal Boutique Hotel is named after their wine farm.

What is included

  • Return Transportation (from George, Mossel Bay, Still Bay, Albertinia, Riversdal, Heidelberg)
  • Wine tasting at the Baleia tasting room.

What is NOT included

  • Gratuities
  • Alcoholic drinks & beverages not included
  • Meals

Old World Charm Finds Modern Expression. Enjoy country hospitality and a sense of wellbeing whilst tasting their award-winning wines.

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De Doornkraal Aan’t Vette Wine Tasting

Trip Facts

  • De Doornkraal's Aan't Vette Wine Tasting
  • We accept a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 9 people per booking.

  • +27 71 148 3063

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